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La Cuvée des Rois

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The Vouvray designation is found within the third biggest winemaking region in France, to the East of the City of Tours. The vines have mainly been planted on plateaus and hillsides overlooking the River Loire and Brenne Valley which is shaped by picturesque valleys and cellars hollowed out in the local tuffeau stone, and these are known as troglodyte. Vouvray is a protected designation of origin, so like Champagne can only be called this when it is made in the Champagne region, Vouvray is only made in Vouvray.

Vouvray is a white wine made from the Chenin Blanc grape which gives it a lovely fruity aroma. It really is a drink that you can have as an aperitif, with your main meal, your dessert, or as a stand alone drink. The wine is made by the traditional method of Méthode Champenoise which involves putting it through a second fermentation stage once bottled called prise de mousse. This is followed by a long maturing period of AT LEAST 12 months. What makes vouvray stand is the lighter bubbles that allow its vinous qualities to come to the fore. 

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