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La Cuvée des Rois

About us


Who are we?

We are Francois & Cherise, a French/English couple living in the Midlands UK, and we import the most delicious French Vouvray wine to the UK to offer a beautiful alternative to Prosecco and Champagne. Vouvray is a protected designation so you can only get it from a particular wine region in France which happens to be Francois' home town! We love to drink Vouvray when in France and have always thought it was strange how difficult it is to buy it in the UK, as it's such a versatile and refreshing drink. Having been thinking a long time about setting up our own catering business but not knowing what was the right product, one sunny day in the garden drinking some delicious Vouvray we realised - this is what we need to sell! So our business idea was formed. We much prefer it to other sparkling wines for the light fruitiness and the thin bubbles which make it really soft. As we import the wine from France ourselves, we are able to select the best wine from the vineyards of the region.